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प्रेम ईश्वर है Captu re Love is God

IMG_20180704_123930_975 The Melancholy and the Moody…

IMG_20180708_212208_312 Attaining the peace of mind

परम-तत्व की अनुभूति 09112012244 Devotion through desires

IMG_3963 The known Unknowns

Triangle The triangle of spirituality

30000 The Two Blues

Faith Living by faith

sijda HE only knows

moon_18 The continuum

IMG_20180924_124830_390 The spirit of spirituality

9FA8F515-00CE-47B8-9540-E6FC42BE6F76 Ego

IMG_20180922_234731 The Mirage

E1B80FC6-7DD8-4110-B969-167B65DBC3B7 Loners

best-navratri-thali-in-gurgaon-2 (1) (1) Fasting or feasting?

661E2606-AC3C-4985-BBAC-71F9B8659B6D Goodness

VRT Competing for virtues

E5055BCC-6B3A-4349-9C1A-A3DB1A7263E8  Happiness

5EA1C3C9-8E9C-427D-AED2-D3E290CCFF4C Lessons

IMG_20181018_174434_199 (1) Celebrating Dussehra personally

universal Belonging to a Universal Religion

5E22447C-DF70-47AE-AA2F-E56399CB2BBA Of Love and Pain

482B1DB4-1CF4-40E2-B5DE-AD78AA9BCDA3 Right or Wrong…

Capture The key to salvation

9570F73E-1E16-4378-9330-6855D48587E6 The dots

Capture The echo of Silence

1DDE93FE-2672-4BB0-AEA9-78CFF43EC25E The Light in Darkness

Philosophy15WhyeatPrasadam Charging up the food