Charging up the food


In common parlance, Prasadam is the holy food that we get in temples or gurudwras. As Hinduism believes in personal form of God, He is lovingly invited before every meal by chanting appropriate mantras. The dishes are placed before the deity for a few minutes with a sentiment that God will accept the serving. Then the vessel is picked up from there believing it to be containing the remnants of meal eaten by Him and the same is mixed with rest of the preparation. This food is considered highly sacred and consumed as a gift from God. Sikhs prepare their sweet pudding (Karah Prasad) while continuously reciting hymns and place it before Guru Granth Sahib. After stirring it with a small sword it is distributed amongst the devotees. In Buddhism, offering water to the holy image is of special significance. For those believing in impersonal form of God, food is to be mediated upon before putting into the mouth. In the western culture, there is a tradition of thanksgiving prayer before eating. Catholics take `Eucharist’ (Param Prasad) of bread and wine as receiving Christ Himself. If we closely observe all these practices, there is one common attribute – invoking the thought for God, attempting to connect with our ultimate source before we eat anything.

This entire scenario, in fact, is based upon a scientific logic. It is a proven fact that food and water absorb vibrations from the atmosphere around. We all take care about the nutritional value because that is essential for our physical well-being. Similarly, the vibrational energy of what we eat determines our mental temperament. The ordinary food is converted into Prasadam by infusing the spiritual energy into it through our thought process. It starts from the point of procuring the food material from the market. Making the right choice to buy a healthful product with the money honestly earned; cooking it with a cheerful & devout mindset; remembering God and psychologically offering it to Him makes our every meal holy. It is then to be reverently eaten as a divine blessing, which would rejuvenate us with a high positive energy.

Thus, Parasadam is the divine power that can be harnessed at any place where we live by consciously putting the pure vibrations in whatever we consume. Regular intake of such charged up food would ensure that the psyche of our family is ever packed with wholesome goodness.

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  1. Beautifully explained. The scientific basis and reasoning is a cherry in the cake. There is such joy in learning what our Beloved Deity loves and buying ingredients, cooking and offering the items. The whole process lifts us from our gross world to a heavenly loka — feel so blessed to be able to share in these soul-fulfilling practices. Thanks for pulling all these together – from so many cultures and traditions and giving scientific reason too! Bravo! πŸ™‚

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