The journey of love

Love is a divine journey taking us inadvertently through the bliss of heaven and the pain of hell.


One fine day you find somebody fulfilling your life

PicsArt_11-28-03.39.02  PicsArt_11-28-03.56.09


There are blessings abound and we feel proud of this unmatchable grace

PicsArt_11-28-03.48.18  PicsArt_11-28-03.43.31


Suddenly a twist comes and leaves us in the lurch

PicsArt_11-28-08.26.49   PicsArt_11-28-08.31.35


And then we helplessly start finding a solace in the pain itself

PicsArt_11-28-08.41.43   PicsArt_11-29-03.24.01


Finally, the conclusion is drawn to be thankful for whatever love gives us

PicsArt_11-29-03.47.43  PicsArt_11-30-10.53.02


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