The Sun within


We all know that solar energy sustains the life on Earth through various forms. Spiritually, it is believed that self within is a Sun and the sun that we see outside is also the self. As there is illumination from the sun outside there is illumination of truth within. We cannot see the self-luminous sun when the sky is covered with clouds. In the same way, the blazing radiance of the inner sun is veiled by the clouds of illusion that cover our mind. Β 

Sun has a particular trait of disseminating all its energy at the dawn for general betterment and then perfectly withdrawing it every evening. This is of much significance for us all who lack the power of retraction. We generally continue to be dragged along with the flow of work and remain scattered. The inability to pull our energy back to self after doing the work makes us slave of our own actions. On getting up in the morning, we should fully invoke our energy for doing the day’s work and should sleep at night after dissolving their impact from our mind.

Hence, meditating upon Sun in this way brings the vacillating mind to focus.

Source- ‘Where the Silence speaks’, Ach. Vinoba Bhave


      1. I keep going to your blog to check if you are back – and if somehow i just missed your posts….so happy to hear from you. Hope all is well with both of you, my sweet beloved friends! Welcome back with love and hugs. πŸ’•

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