The fondness of bygone 90s


As I picked up my cellphone and clicked onto YouTube with an eye to surf through the new stuff,I stumbled upon this link showing Mandira Bedi with a titular image of Shanti. I hastily clicked with the eagerness of an adult who opens up an old photo album just to see oneself in childhood days. It was like entering a forgotten space of cherished memories that were still so valuable and awaiting my visit down the memory lane. The move went with unveiling the lost faces, events, music and much more and reminisced me of Doordarshan days when watching TV was such a guarded affair. Daily soaps like Shanti, Swabhimaan, Yug were religiously awaited and discussed with siblings and friends. Another memorable show, Surabhi, based on cultural heritage of India, hosted by Siddharth Kak and Renuka Shahane with contagious grace was a delight for viewers as it took them on a visual trip. A weekly musical program called Chitrahaar was another captivation for lovers of cinema and movie songs. Serials like Byomkesh Bakshi Tehkikat, Reporter tingled the brain nerves as each crime detection episode would put the whole family in guess work. Not missing on comedy, which was far away from pretentiousness and swearing, the genre had a stellar standard in the form of Dekh Bhai Dekh, Shriman Shrimati, Tu-tu Main-mai. Serials like Shaktimaan, Alif Laila, Vikram Betal though purely fictional in their content, emphasized the morals and kept good over bad. With an optimal dose of entertainment and information during weekdays, weekends were like the cherry on cake. With humongous shows and items, Saturdays and  Sundays had movie slots in the evenings. Sundays would start with a bang and lot of excitement for the day. Rangoli a musical program with song clips was followed by love saga Chandrakanta… (more than the love story woven between princess and her prince it was the trademark Yakkuuu…😎 by the bad man Krur Singh that lingers on my memory.) Though  not clear with actual succession, the fiction soap was replaced by Sri Krishna in the later years. Sri Krishna is a fond remembrance for its family viewership and a series that witnessed advance from ‘viewership to worship’. Though vaguely I do remember cartoon shows like Arabian nights, Ducktales and Guchha (the latter for its title track😄). Some more Doordarshan gifts that I remember are in the form of song Mile sur mera tumhara,the iconic ads of Dhara vegetable oil, washing powder Nirma, Vicco turmeric Ayurvedic cream and so on…and last but not least the DD news which were a cause of nuisance for me then, as they interrupted the movies in between, but are a nostalgic piece now and I do remember a lot of faces of the newscasters even now. Numerous Doordarshan shows, their title songs, casts, story lines, tag lines, plots hover around in my mind some vague and some clear as crystal but all leave me freshened up with the nostalgia of childhood and innocence of bygone times of 90s.

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