The Wait


“Wait. This was the first lesson I had learned about love. The day drags along, you make thousands of plans, you imagine every possible conversation, you promise to change your behavior in certain ways — and you feel more and more anxious until your loved one arrives. But by then, you don’t know what to say. The hours of waiting have been transformed into tension, the tension has become fear, and the fear makes you embarrassed about showing affection.” 

-By the river Piedra I sat down and wept, Paulo Coelho


A Sufi explains the same as follows-

हकीकत बनकर मेरा यार मेरे सामने आया है

बड़ी गफलत में हूं कि करूं तो क्या करूं।

सर को झुका के सलाम करूं

पलकों को उठा के दीदार करूं

यां आग़ोश में ले उन्हें प्यार करूं।



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