The Two Blues

It happened to be a visit to a beach that I got my chance to comprehend something of the ‘two blues’-the sky and the sea. Of course there have been  beautiful days before too but this time the sky above caught my attention for reasons unknown to myself even. It is always there, above me…everywhere for everyone…the stones, the birds, the grass, the mountains, the rivers and much more but still keeps an unrevealed dimension like that of a mystic. The vastness is all encompassing that but it was its enigma that conceived my attraction towards it. The hues of pinks, blues, pales that enriched it as a masterpiece and it appeared to be quintessentially unattainable. And then all of a sudden it was all covered over by clouds that appeared from nowhere and hovered above as a beautiful spectacle as if there was another sea above with waves dancing and crashing against seashore.IMG_4054


The other blue hit me as it reminded me of the limitless and immortal and because of the obverse features it displayed…something so loud but could only be understood in silence…The waves that surged to and fro appeared to be so wildly bewildered but still so rhythmic in their conduct. They danced with an air of boastfulness on the surface but the inception deep down hinted to the uniqueness of the sea.

Lost in the conversation, as the clouds swayed away clearing the sky, the horizon reminded me to get back to my place before the dark.



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