Daring to die


Let’s think for a moment, why are we all scared of being dead which is so certain to happen? The unwillingness to leave what we presently own along with the fear of unknown future actually makes it a dreadful thing.

Death, in fact, is nothing but a ‘sleep’ in course of which our soul goes through transition from one body to another. It marks the end of present phase so as to begin with the new one. Our entrance in one life brings with itself the ticket to exit. So, every passing moment inevitably draws us closer to its grand finale. We accept this fact but wish to be forgetful about it.

Remembrance of death while being alive does not imply being hopeless about life, rather it means valuing life all the more as it is not going to last forever. Putting value to life, in turn means living it in the best possible way- making efforts for the things that will yield us the finest and enduring results. It works on the same principle of propriety like we observe while spending the limited money in our wallet. As the time allotted to us for this current journey is also limited, we should be calculative of how to spend it.

We do numerous things everyday of which many are a sheer wastage of our time and some of them even hold the negative value. All our activities, our associations and experiences leave impressions on our mind of which some may fade away with time while the repeated events or indulgences have indelible imprints. These can be referred to as the net balance of the current life, essence of which constitutes our last thoughts and the same becomes the capital for the onward journey. We must be ever prepared for its happy conclusion which requires us to diligently train our mind to orient itself in a way that at the last flash we have the desired reflection. If one wants to think of divinity or positivity while dying, then entire life must be disciplined accordingly. It is all that we feel and do, revisit us in our memory. So, one should try to avoid anything that has the tendency to leave adverse mark on our sub conscious mind.

In Gita, Lord has prescribed that if at the time of oneโ€™s death fire is burning, the Sun is shining, the moon is waxing and there is clear sky of uttrayana (northern course of the Sun), the one unites with God. Here, fire represents selfless karma, light signifies the radiant intellect, waxing moon stands for purity and clear sky means the freedom from the haze of attachment. Constant remembrance of GOD and cheerful fulfillment of our natural line of duty in life enable us to cheerfully welcome our death as a source of bliss!

Ref- ‘Talks on Gita’, Acharya Vinoba Bhave


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