I can not go
He need not come
Yet we meet every now n then.
He guides me right
When it’s time to choose
He holds me tight
If I tend to loose.
I feel Him closely around
When things are tough
Lapped in His pampering armor
I take a free challenge for more.
He feels bad if I look sad
He smiles tenderly
Seeing me giggling merrily.
He watches me even when I am unaware
Captivating my heart He draws me near.
This is the way He keeps the array
How can I say He lives far away?
He is the reason for my existence
He is the provision for my sustenance.
I love this life
For each moment is like
Dating Him….πŸ’“

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      1. So my own sweet guess was right: it’s the Divine you’re actually talking about when you describe this Dating… with Him!… I know that Love and that Dating too, that’s how I recognized what you’re saying for what it really meant… Thank you for expressing it so nicely❣️

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  1. The life of our life, the love that keeps us smiling, breathing and feeling so, so, so high! what a beautiful way to capture these timeless feelings, my dear friends. Love these words, absolutely. And love our eternal date – who dances with each of us, each moment! πŸ™‚

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