Belonging to a Universal Religion


God is surely one but He lets us experience Himself in varied forms. For that sake we have diverse systems of faith known as religions. As the human civilization advanced, the life styles, way of thinking and human behavior changed accordingly. God, The Supreme Father deployed his messengers and envoys from time to time to influence the contemporary minds to be upright. So, the prevalent practices across religions seem to be different as the founders came for our guidance during different periods and under dissimilar conditions. However, more than variations, there are edicts which are identical. Let’s chalk out a list of such points and conceive an idea of Universal Religion.

The first element is about the purpose of human life. Invariably, every religion emphasizes on the dictum that we are here to reach home to God. The ‘home‘ is of course called by different names as Heaven, Swarag, Parlok, Jannat etc but the eligibility criterion for entering there remains the same- being pious. Not causing harm to anybody, having ethical conduct, self realization and contemplating on Divinity help us maintain a life of piety.

Next, all the religious teachings encourage us to prefer general welfare over personal interest as our legitimate interests would be automatically served through the welfare of all. We are asked to be kind, helping, loving and compassionate for our fellow beings. Keeping a reasonable restrain on our sensual pleasure is another virtue that is recognized by all theories.

Further, no religion self-proclaims its prominence over any other set of genuine beliefs. We are rather professed to respect every line of thought connected to Almighty, though our devotion may be committed to one particular lineage.

No one is going to live eternally but we can make our existence memorable by making this life useful for Universe. We can consider God to be our friend, beloved, master, or simply as a symbol of worship and the best way to serve Him is feeling His presence in every being around and working for their happiness. We all can follow this Universal religion and safely please our respective God figures.

Thanku for reading and feel free to share your thoughts ☺

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  1. I agree with a lot of this. But I don’t think we should forget that earthy pleasure is partaking in the divinity of life that God casts before us. A lovely meal, a walk through a garden, making love or just doing the dishes all can be acts of sacredness if done in the right spirit and with fully present attention. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful write – truth, God, love are all one – we come up with different ways to reach them based on our cultures and time — but underlying it all is the same consistent eternal light – you have expressed it so well here. Thank YOU! 🙂

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  3. “Further, no religion self-proclaims its prominence over any other set of genuine beliefs. We are rather professed to respect every line of thought connected to Almighty, though our devotion may be committed to one particular lineage.” I love that bit beingalive. I SO abree with you about all religions having the same elements. Bthere are SOME differences, but in the main, they are the same, and we are all called upon to respect each other. Being Christian, I often worry about including the Cross in my writing though, because I think it may be alien to some people, and I don’t want to set my own religion up against or above anyone else’s. I would be so grateful for your thoughts on that. Last night I DID post a
    Oem with the Cross mentioned in it. I hope none of my readers minded. Thoughts? This is a really good post beingalive

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    1. I haveny checked that yet but u know what i have saved the pic of cross in my phone that it there on your homepage. ❤.
      Loving our symbols does not amount to disregard for others’. So none should be offensive of it


  4. Very nicely written, in this matter what I think is that every religion tells one thing for sure HAVE FAITH . Faith is strong word we should have Faith in humanity, humans and ofcourse the creater and his creation…………..

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  5. You have made a very valid point but one thing God has commanded from us is to have no other before Himself, meaning we are not to worship any other things/beings.. “I am the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end,” says the Lord God. “I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come—the Almighty One.”
    Revelation 1:8 NLT

    Keeping this in mind, loving others as Christ loves His church is what He has and still is trying to instill in us through His Word as so important to living life with Him in you and you in Him. May God bless you and yours graciously.

    With love in Christ,

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    1. Thanku so much for your kind read.🙏
      First of all i wish to say that i am a novice and know little about the holy teachings of Bible. But when it comes to the word ‘God’ there is something felt inside which i can not put to words.
      I feel elated to read the statement that u have linked because a similar decalaration is made in Bhagwad Gita that He alone is seated in all the living beings- He is the beginning, middle and the end of all.
      As God is one, so are His statements. ❤
      Also, Lord says that leaving everything else, we should take a refuge in Him
      And in Ramayana again, He indicates that one should be attched to none else than Himसब_कै_ममता_ताग_बटोरी
      However, i have been told about the real purport of these verses is to develop a perspective of feeling His presence in every being around and try to purely love Him in that form as you say the way Christ loves His Church.
      He alone is the one inside me and inside others too. I have to strike a balance of intimately loving Him(personally) n lovingly serving Him (socially).
      With due respect and regards💐
      Thanku again for visiting


  6. We are All part of One Creation, created by One Creator “God”. God, Creation is infinite. We are all connected to God and creation…..God is eternal, We are eternal. We are infinite Souls, Gifted a beautiful life to Live and LOVE. It is God’s Love that “free’s” us from a world of “sin”.
    God’s Love is the power that creates a perfect eternity
    Love opens our hearts and minds to our Truth, You are beautiful soul, have a beautiful Journey

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