The misjudged ‘Miss’

20ECF06A-C1F5-4CEE-8F78-3D705FBCF615Kshema and Laksh, a young and happily married couple had just shifted to America due to Laksh’s professional binding and soon they were happy to discover about Kshema’s pregnancy. Very soon Laksh got busy with his office chores but Kshema found her life in a lull until one fine day she came across Cheryl, an Anglo-Indian who was her age mate as well as her neighbourer who lived alone and worked as a part time nurse in a hospital. The  two ladies soon got  fond of each other as both would laugh out their hearts when Cheryl recollected the various humorous accounts of some of weird patients…or while trying out new cuisines…or as Cheryl polished her spoken hindi with Kshema’s aid…or guiding Kshema about do’s and don’ts of her crucial time of pregnancy…and at times as the two went shopping together. Meanwhile Laksh was also happy as Kshema no more complained about the bouts of loneliness.
Days went by and to destiny’s play, somehow the vice of judgement made a way into Kshema’s mind as she had started questioning Cheryl’s lifestyle primarily of her being an Indian woman (at least half-Indian) who was unapologetic about her singlehood at a marriageable age…of her trendy dresses and makeup she wore…or at the sight of her male friends…or even when she tagged Cheryl as irresponsible for her less tidy apartment as per her   standards of an ideal woman and the negativity even spread far as she expressed her displease when Laksh exchanged casual greetings for day. Cheryl, on the other hand, found it really hard to cope up with Kshema’s indifference but she chose to act maturely and give things some time.
While Kshema was in her last weeks of pregnancy, one fateful day Laksh got the news that his parents had met with an accident and that his mother was critically injured. As Laksh left for India leaving behind Kshema, he apprised Cheryl of the events and so requested her to be mindful of Kshema’s condition to which Cheryl assured him of full assistance.
By the time, Kshema’s unexplained coldness towards Cheryl had subdued and a big hearted lady that Cheryl was, she too let things go off. Their friendship blossomed again and fun was back until one day Kshema complained of abdominal pain. Cheryl immediately rushed her to the hospital and she delivered a baby girl. As Laksh got the news, his joy knew no bounds but he had to wait for a couple of days before leaving for America as his mother was to be discharged in a day or two.
Meanwhile Cheryl provided Kshema with utmost care to the best of her capabilities taking a few days off from work till Laksh’s return. Kshema who was overwhelmed by Cheryl’s warmth was remorseful for her shallow mindedness that couldn’t look beyond flesh tagging Cheryl as a wronged woman and she had now realised that people are not defined by how we think they are, but we ourselves are surely described by the way we define others.

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