Celebrating Dussehra personally

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Today we will be fervently celebrating Dussehra by publicly burning the effigies of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhkaran. This festival marks the victory of good over the evil and it is more of a personal battle against the vices inside us.

In the book Vinaya Patrika, Goswami Tulsidas ji has mentioned about these three demons of Lanka as the devils residing in every human being. Kumbhkaran portrays ‘Ahankaar(false ego) which disconnects us from our real source; Meghnad represents ‘Kama’ (passion and desires) which keeps us over-indulged in the world around and Ravana embodies ‘Moha’ (undue attachment) to the wealth, power, clan, status etc.

Further, the sequence of their killing is of much importance. Lord Rama slays Kumbhkaran firstly. Once our false ego is removed, we begin to become conscious of our real self. Next, Meghnad was killed by Lakshman, who was a real ascetic (vairaagi). This depicts that the seeker of truth is able to overcome his materialistic cravings through the power of asceticism. Lastly, Rama defeated Ravana and his spirit got absorbed into the body of Lord who is simply love personified. It is by the mercy of Lord that the aspirant soul is set free from the temporal bondages and gets submerged in pure love.

I pray for the divine grace to help us daily for winning over all the devils within so that we can celebrate Dussehra every single day.

Happy Dusheshra to all!

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  1. Thanks a lot for your wonderful narration.Just recollected my school days ( 3 Rd standard), when our teacher used to tell these epics and imbibe the moral values in our young minds Thanks again.It is so refreshing.Ref your other post-Don’t know why…. We all know He is there to take care.Thanks again.

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