Competing for virtues


Very often I tend to desist myself from reading a post just because that particular blogger never bothers to acknowledge my comment. Some of you would take it as fair and many may not as it is highly subjective as what is to be called acceptable and what not.  I generally try to follow the principle of tit for tat in my mutual dealings and then often say ‘the situation made me behave that way’. However, my introspection now makes me realize how terribly I have been losing my real self in this manner of exchange.

It is believed that all of us own the natural attributes of purity, perfection, love, knowledge, joy, bliss and inner-power. I wonder where are these lost and what should be done to reactivate my intrinsic kind of behavior. The divine grace gave me answer to this while I was watching a talent hunt show on television. The word ‘competition’ itself implies increasing competence. The passionate urge for out-performance enables us to exploit our full potential in the select area. Can we imagine extending the platform of competition to enhance our moral competence as well? If we assume this world as a stage to judge our capability in being virtuous, our hidden aptitude of honesty, humility, truth, loyalty, compassion etc will certainly get a boost up.

I think ‘race for morality’ has to be at two levels- first with myself and then with others, my conscience being the judge throughout. At the first I would strive today to be better than yesterday and thus setting higher targets every time would improve my scale of ethics. Secondly, I would resolute to be always a step ahead of others if they are good to me.

Next comes the challenges. It sounds impractical to be faithful towards an insincere partner. Yet I have to persist because its my need to grow up through every situation. The unfavorable events are in fact the real propellers to unleash my moral reserves. It may be initially difficult to be modest with an egoistic person. It is indeed very hard to have empathy for a cruel neighbor but the constant memory of being a contender for the ‘moral contest’ would encourage me to overcome such challenges. My determination to win would retain my tranquil even in the face of arrogance or anger. I may find my colleague not so cooperative, yet I have to be fully helpful because I cannot afford to be complacent in being righteous on my part.

Just like any other faculty, mastery in the right behavior is achieved through unconditional perseverance. I cannot let my ethical values be depreciated due to wear and tear in somebody else’s conduct.

Lord Buddha said, “Do good and be good. You will reach truth and freedom.” May Almighty make us all willing to be proficient in virtues and vie for this talent hunt!


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  1. This is so well written ‘Being Alive’! Your post reminded me of a lotus spreading its charm rising above murky waters. Goodness is a virtue that slays everything 😊 Not an easy road but definitely one that brings about eternal joy. The lines, ‘It sounds impractical to be faithful towards an insincere partner. Yet I have to persist because its my need to grow up through every situation’ sum it all!

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  2. Yes do good and be good. Sometimes people might not return the same but do we need to change ourselves and be bad like them just because they were bad to us. We are good and we stay good no matter what.

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  3. This is a brilliant piece. Sorry uf I have ever failed to acknowledge a comment of yoyrs. All comments are valuable to me but sometimes if I am sick I cannot always do mych except simply,post. Thankyou for vusiting my Blig and commenting so often. I truly aporeciate it. Mimlive what you have written here

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      1. It’s ok. I know what you were saying lol. I also know though that sometimes I do fail to respond to people, and I hate not to respond after people have been kind enough to comment. I totally understood what you were saying here though, and that it was general too. I liked ALL of what you said. It is a great pist. Much live to you x

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  4. Can’t agree more with you!!! The goodness within is the only thing we happen to bring when we enter this World….The ethics and virtues which are then demanded are only a part of that goodness… don’t know where it gets scattered in the long run

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      1. a pleasure and thanks for the follow + all the likes, etc
        enjoy the weekend
        “definitely not a ‘sir’ (sounds ‘posh’, but just an ordinary, but driven ‘human bean’… so you can just call me craig (“early bird”)

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  5. I really took the time to read such wonderful words bringing out these attributes we all should strive to have and pursue in life. I know forgiving others is hard but glad you mentioned this. Keep producing good posts like this with such talent and knowledge to share with us all !!

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