The Champion


As Roma settled down with her tea and snacks in college canteen, she found herself striving with a concoction of thoughts of those of anxiety and apprehension and the bothering had crept due to participation in the Intercollege Talent Fest which was approaching in about fifteen days. Roma who was distinct in writing, had given her name for the oratory event of declamation in addition to writing competition. Though a conscientious and diligent student that she was, Roma was under confident due to her concerns of fluency in spoken English which she had assumed to be of mediocre level. Engrossed in thoughtfulness, she was soon joined in by Jay and Shikha, her two friends, who were actually behind her unwilling participation so as to help her overcome her undue fears. The two informed her that the fest allowed single participant per event from every college.

Days passed by, and Roma left no stone unturned to emerge as the contender for final event, but things seemed to be unsettling for her as she met Natasha who was college champion in oratory events that could be credited to her stellar oratory skills. As the moment of decision arrived to decide for the final contender, Roma’s hopes were dashed to ground as Natasha was selected  for the final shot.
Roma who  became more conscious of her weakness, continued to practise hard for strengthening the writing part, but with each passing day, the fear of failure gripped her even more now. Meanwhile Jay and Shikha came to her rescue through their constant emotional support by their continuous praises of her writing prowess.
And soon the awaited day of the fest arrived. Roma who got free from the writing competition, headed towards auditorium with Jay and Shikha where event of declamation was going to be held. She was called upon by one of their college teacher who informed her that  Natasha couldn’t attend the event due to her illness and it would be a good thing if she agreed to participate in her place.
As she waited in her seat in utter nervousness, she witnessed many participants with flawed performances settling with ease that brought a sudden change of mind in her. As her turn came, she walked towards the stage and as she uttered the first line, the shaking of her legs ceased and her performance went flawlessly smooth.It was to her happiness as she emerged as the champion for  both the events of writing competition and declamation.

As she walked towards the stage to fetch her trophy, she realized that it  is fear that bleaks our chances to emerge as champions and  fear is not real many times as it is only the outcome of our imagination that curtails our inner strengths and pesters the real self to reside in a negative comfort zone as we run away from situations instead of facing them.

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