The Mirage


Last week, I luckily got a sight of a rainbow and my mobile instantly captured it. Today while checking its gallery the picture made me relate this beautiful spectrum of colors with the words of Swami Vivekananda about Maya- “it is a paradox- real, yet not real – illusion, yet not illusion.”

The creative power of God manifests His opulence through the myriad diversification. He and His will are beyond our limited reason but we all, are bound by the logic of time, space and causation- collectively referred to as ‘Maya’. Just like the rainbow, the physical world around us is neither real nor unreal rather a reflection of the real. The one who knows the ‘real’ has the ability to see reality and not illusion in Maya but and the one who believes in the ‘not real’ falls prey to the illusion thinking Maya only to be the real. It is actually a veil that covers the truth but has no independent existence of its own.

When we identify ourselves exclusively with the transient body, the creation takes the form of a delusion and the body, that we presently occupy- of a man or of a worm, is the deciding factor for the degree of its visibility. Human beings have been blessed with the unique ability to understand this marvelous mystery and that is facilitated through the perspective of non-attachment. Ach. Vinoba Bhave said that this creation is an everlasting process that evokes various sentiments and visions. Upnishads attempt to explain it with an example of a drum that produces a variety of sounds, of which some are frightening, some are hilarious and some may be gloomy. If we wish not to be swayed by these emotions, we must catch hold of the drummer. Accordingly, it is declared in Bhagwad Gita that this mirage of Maya disappears for those who take refuge in God and accept His authority over everything.

Thanku for reading 🙏


  1. Wow!!! What a treat to read this in the morning. Hold on to the drummer and don’t worry about the sounds – they will come and go! Thank you. Your picture is fabulous and words are magical – dripping with wisdom. Simple yet deep. Thank you again and again! Om 🙂

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    1. I dont even remember when i had seen it last..must be more than a decade..
      I quickly clicked the pic as i saw it while driving though it was behind the trees. 😊😌 Later got the full view but was reluctant to take the phone out again in rain. Feeling a bit sorry for that now😑

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