The posts


Everyday I sit to write…
A few notes..
To publish them as posts.

Some words
I look in dictionary,
Some I just scribble…

Few thoughts that I read from books,
Some inspire as I read works of many other.
Few ideas at times I relate to…
Some emotions I savour,
So that they don’t wither.

With every note that I pen
I feel…I grow
Even if its imperfect…
Far from deserving ten-on-ten.

Its fine for me to err
As far as I am able to share,
The beauty of soaring sky…
A flower’s fragrance..
Or the warmth of causeless care.

For its the bountiful world
….Of bliss…
….Of solace…
….Of soulful people…
And their words that usher me to light,
Everyday I feel so free..
Everyday when I sit to write…


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  1. Oh, you have captured the experience perfectly, thank you, my dear friend…the essence of finding inspiration in small things and large, in finding oneself in the words, the process, in becoming via the words…blessings and love to you!

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