The Important Constant


Drishti the only daughter of the retired couple, was an educated, ambitious but fairly tolerant girl otherwise, with a passion to work for the upliftment of women, had been giving sleepless nights to her parents as they saw no hopes of her getting married in near future . Working as a successful columnist in a newspaper agency, she was known for her unpolitical and blatantly truthful stance on various subjects and more specific on  her notions on marriage and relationships which were undoubtedly a resultant of her being high strung on the issue of feminism. After repeated emotional rhetoric from her paternal side, she finally agreed to meet some of the suitable alliances but all their effort seemed to be turning into a bleak possibility until Dev entered the scene.
Dev, a software professional had much more to himself leaving aside his fairly good looks as he had maturity to look at things with genuity, a quality which could be attributed to his troubled childhood. As the two met, Drishti unapologetically went on harping onto the same women oriented concerns and also discussing the important constant of a relationship, to which Dev lent a careful and patient hearing with frequent nods, hmm…umhmm.. and was even left amused by her hyper expressions and gestures. As everything turned out to be fine, the events soon culminated in their wedding.
The marriage was turning out be a fair deal towards companionship as they built rapport that ranged from sharing exercising regimes between yoga and regular gymming…balancing TV watching with respect to their choices…sharing the kitchen chores…dining together and relishing even the averagely cooked food as Drishti was just novice in cooking…discussing office politics woes..enjoying with family and friends.
As days passed by, luck smiled upon Dev as he received a promotion letter from his company with an opportunity to work overseas which could do wonders to his career flight. As he rushed to his place to break the news to Drishti, he soon landed in dilemma as he learned that she too had been bestowed with an administrative position she had been yearning for long. But he was soon out of the limbo as he had witnessed Drishti gleaming with the joy and so he lighted upon a decision to refuse the promotion.
The couple arranged for a weekend celebration with family and friends. As Drishti hustled with great energy meeting with guests, she suddenly stopped to get hold of something she had overheard as one of Dev’s friend went on discussing the refusal by Dev. Drishti who got dumbstruck and emotionally overwhelmed was remorseful as she reflected upon her notions of love and relationship which were only one-sidedly based on findings of pseudo-feminism and it was Dev who by now had taught her that real relationships are not just frilly fantasies and neither do they brag of freedom all the time   but  time tested experiments that involve ‘giving’ as the most significant constant.


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