The rightful walk


As Mehar unpacked her luggage in her room at servant’s quarter, she found herself juggling between an array of emotions of those of enthusiasm and apprehension. Mehar a small town girl had arrived to stay with her father who worked as a driver for an affluent family. She had migrated to city to pursue a diploma course in tailoring as it could turn a good deal in terms of livelihood in future.
Days went by and Mehar somehow attuned herself to her new life in the city and her daily schedule consisted of routine from home to diploma centre and vice versa until she met Niyati, who was her age mate and happened to be the daughter of his father’s employer. It was altogether a newer nuance of life for Mehar as she got apprised with the life of an elite teen which was suffused with physical comforts, delectable platters, trendsetting attires, branded stuff, selfie scurry with a constant chase for numeric hike in likes and comments on social media… She was no exception to get smitten by larger than life fancies she had witnessed in Niyati’s life at first instance but as she delved deeper she soon discovered the sheath of shallowness beneath that displayed opulence and how far it had damaged Niyati’s need of the self to be unleashed who was an empathetic, lively and helpful girl.
As for Niyati, Mehar came as a breakthrough to give her the taste of a simpleton existence as she was free from the pressures of rhetorics of the class approval. She discovered a great deal of solace in Mehar’s company as she would narrate spiritual and historical anecdotes that she described in deep relevance to life… or while cooking sweetmeats together to satiate their sweet tooth cravings…as they went feasting on street food and going around the city outlets to find needful material for Mehar’s tailoring assignments.
In due course of time, Mehar completed her diploma and so Niyati helped her find suitable takers for her skill at tailoring for taking her to next level of starting her own venture. With little savings and a bank loan, Mehar managed to set up for her new journey. Meanwhile Niyati would actively post Mehar’s creations on her online links that catered to Mehar’s advantage and in no time she was able to reap rich profits.
As the year completed Mehar decided to shift her work place to a bigger centre and so organized a small Puja (thanksgiving ceremony). She enthusiastically introduced Niyati to her friends and relatives narrating her contribution in her personal and professional growth. As Niyati was about to leave she hugged Mehar expressing her gratitude as it was she who actually taught her about rightfully balanced walk…not being overly social or utterly recluse but constantly more conscious of the mirror inside.

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