Lovely Lines- ‘Like the Flowing River’


river It is part of the human nature always to judge others very severely and when the wind turns against us, always to find an excuse for our own misdeeds, or to blame someone else for our mistakes.

river I’m not doing anything, and yet I’m also doing the most important thing a man can do: I’m listening to what I needed to hear from myself.

river I understand once again that the greatness of God always reveals itself in the simple things.

 river All religions lead to the same God, and all deserve the same respect.

river Anyone who chooses a religion is also choosing a collective way for worshiping and sharing the mysteries. Nevertheless, that person is the only one responsible for his or her actions along the way and has no right to shift responsibility for any personal decisions on to that religion.

river I want to be someone capable of seeing the unseen faces, of seeing those who do not seek fame or glories, who silently fulfill the role that life has given them. I want to be able to do this because the most important things, those that shape our existence, are precisely the ones that never show their faces.

river Work is a blessing when it helps us to think about what we are doing; but it becomes a curse when its sole use is to stop us thinking about the meaning of our life.

river Things do not always happen the way I would have wanted, and it is best that I get used to that.

river What make life interesting are the challenges we face.

river Sometimes, we are so attached to our way of life that we turn down wonderful opportunities simply because don’t know what to do with it.

river When something undesirable grows in my soul, I ask God to give me the courage to mercilessly pluck it out.

river Love creates bridges where it would seem they were impossible.

river When we can do nothing else, we can still love, without expecting any reward or change or gratitude.

river The happiness of one should not mean the unhappiness of the others.

Source- Like the flowing River, Paulo Coelho


  1. Paulo Coelho offers glimpses of magic in the greatest, smallest and simplest things. My favorite is “The Story of the Pencil”. It tells us five things we can take away from a simple pencil and put into our life. They’re not complex tough meanings, but mostly simple ones that we can try.

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