Having a Meaningful Life


Human is considered to be the supreme of all the living beings on Earth because he alone has the access to his conscience and discretion. In the course of life, we come across various types of situations which are actually the raw material to bring out the final product called lifeHere is suggested a formula to have of an excellent quality product.

All of us are destined to face joy and sorrow. We feel good in favorable situations and call it happiness, while the untoward happenings make us sad. These two threads constitute the web of life. A conscious thought will make us understand that fortunate times empower us to serve our family and society in a better way. We all indebted to the creation around since the moment we are born. So, by being kind and compassionate towards the deprived strata we can partially repay our debt.

The other aspect is of feeling unhappy for any reason beyond our control. This is rather an opportunity to have an insight about the truth of our existence. We feel low when fail to get the expected results, or if something valuable is lost or are hurt by some kind of behavior.

Taking all such incidents as role-playing in the life’s show, we should move on to a higher pursuit for self. If a sense of dispassion for the ephemeral things is developed during the so called ‘low’ phases of life, it implies making an optimum use of sadness. Human life is the most significant gift of God and it symbolizes self reliance, consciousness and succulence. Generally, undue attachment with people, greed of possessions and craving for desires suppress these native attributes. The optimal utilizing of both good and bad situations adds meaning and purpose to our life.

Ref- ‘मानव की मांग’, Swami Sharanand Ji


      1. A pleasure and thanks for the follow, though my family and close friends say it would be far more entertaining with a video-camera* in the “real world”, rather than in cyberspace!

        Kind Regards and all the best with your blogs. time for “my beddy byes”

        Best wishes from the First City to see the light

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