Attaining the peace of mind


A major part of our lives is ordinarily spent in turmoil and the irony is that we do not even timely realize what we are missing out in the flux of commotion. Once we wake up to the absence of peace in our mind, we start recognizing the reasons that prevent us from being calm. Actually, it is not the situation but our state of mind that makes us happy or sad. If there be peace within, we can all time experience the peacefulness around us.

Usually, remembrance of unhappy past and undue contemplation about future make us restless. Paying attention to the present is an antidote to it but that too may be spoilt by our redundant struggles to possess what we do not have and attempts to perpetually retain what we have. It certainly does not mean to be inactive in life but to be rationally active. We must diligently endeavor for fulfilling our aspirations with wholesome input but should never disturb ourselves about the final outcome. When we understand that the efforts are in our hands and not the result, we concern ourselves only with our doings and the outcome is dispassionately left to destiny.

Next, being judgmental about things and people often perturbs us. A positive perspective helps the mind to not consider anything as evil. There is no point in holding ill feeling for anybody as न कोई अच्छा करता, न कोई बुरा करता; जो होना हो, वही है होता। The things happen because they are ought to happen. If something looks to be really unjust, one can try to contribute for rectification as per one’s capacity, but not let the mind be anxious for events beyond control. It is all our own past deeds that bear the sweet or sour fruits in present and therefore we should readily accept every kind of situation, seeking the strength from God. In fact, accepting the unexpected state of affairs as the will of God makes the things easier for us.

The absolute faith in Almighty enables us to recognize that the effects given by tough and soft strokes of a brush jointly make up the painting of every life. ‘Not so good’ phases should be handled patiently as nothing lasts forever. Also, being thankful to God for all the happy moments uphold our mental poise. In this way, we are able to embrace fame-infamy, success-failure, and pleasure-pain equally as prescribed in Bhagwad Gita.

Further, it is our sensual impulses that make us feel turbulent. The state of equanimity is reached by wisely deploying our sense organs.

Lastly, the negative tendencies like hatred, anger, envy, greed and inflated ego must be subdued through the persistent actions in love, forgiveness, compassion, contentment and humility.

Swami Vivekananda suggests that plunging into the world, enjoying and suffering lead to realization of its true worth, followed by calmness, serenity and self surrender. Hence, nothing can distort our mind if we are determined to infuse our life with the thoughts of morality and divinity.

Thanku for reading


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